Social Media

  • It needs to be remembered that a school cannot ’contain’ information that is being shared within the community; it will ’leak out’. Bearing this in mind, consideration needs to be taken with regards to the use of social media and having to deal with some of the repercussions it can have.
  • The use of social media and media is instantaneous and if the correct information is not communicated there may be another source spreading the news or an incorrect version of events around the community. Inform the school and the school community as soon as possible (with the family’s/families‘ consent) with honest information, in a language appropriate for the audience. This will help to reduce anxieties and hopefully prevent the spread of rumours amongst the school community.
  • Social media also can be used by the school community and family as a source of information and bereavement support. Again this should be done in consultation with and with the consent of the family/families concerned. Consult your school social media policy which will provide additional guidance.

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