Frequently asked questions

Grief is a normal and natural response to loss, yet how pupils are supported can have significant impacts on long term outcomes.

Young people tell us that how their school responds is something they never forget. This resource aims to provide an accessible support gateway to the effective response to death within school community. Simple, short guidance through quotes, external inks and video interviews with experts helps provide the information you need at the right time to ensure the whole school community can work together to support each other.

Who is this resourse for?

This resource has been designed for adults working in a school context. It is particularly useful for senior managers, however all adults in a school community will benefit from the guidance contained within this portal when supporting a bereavement in a school community.

This resource is not designed to be used directly with children.

Why has this resource been created?

Child Bereavement UK are experts in supporting schools within the context of bereavement within a school community. Through their work they have identified some of the key barriers for schools in responding appropriately and quickly to the needs of those affected by a bereavement. By working in partnership with LGfL, this portal has been designed to bring the key information in both a video and text format with a quick and accessible interface.

How can I make the best use of this resource?

There are two ways in which this resource has been designed to be used.

  • General Staff CPD – Preparing in advance
    Raising awareness through staff CPD in advance of a predicted (or unpredicted) death within the school community ensures that when an event occurs staff know where to go immediately to receive appropriate guidance.
  • Use in a time of need
    The portal is designed to provide immediate support for schools that find themselves unexpectedly managing a sudden unpredicted death within their community. The resource is structured to make the guidance clear and accessible for fast assimilation of immediate actions for staff members.

Why is sending feedback important?

Feedback on the usefulness / impact of this resource helps ensure that it genuinely helps schools.

LGfL and Child Bereavement UK would love to hear from you if these resources have helped positively manage a situation in a school so we can share how with other schools.